Travel advice

Travel clinics are available at Stowhealth for NHS patients registered at the Practice as well as non registered patients who require a private service. Travel questionnaires can be downloaded for you to complete and hand in at Reception at least 4 weeks before you travel. Please note that for some countries in Africa and Asia you will need a course of vaccinations that will require an appointment 3 months before your travel departure.

Please note that you need to have registered as a patient with Stowhealth prior to completing a travel questionnaire unless you are confident the vaccines you require are not available on the NHS and that you are in possession of a personal vaccination record.

We cannot give NHS travel advice and vaccinations to patients who are not registered at Stowhealth.

NHS patients are also classified as:

  • Patients registered at Stowhealth
  • Patients who are away at University and were previously registered at Stowhealth
  • Patients who are Temporary Residents of 2 months stay or over. (You will require a full vaccination status – please attach to travel questionnaire)


Please return these forms to reception at StowHealth if you require travel vaccines:-

Travel Questionnaire.pdf

Non-registered patients

Non-registered patients will be charged for the following vacinations

  • Meningitis ACW135Y
  • Rabies
  • Japanese B Encephalitis
  • Malarone or Doxycycline
  • Hep B Course

For non registered patients who require any of the above private vaccinations we do need a full vaccination status history and current medication list.

Please note that you will be charged for a private travel consultation should you choose to obtain your vaccination or travel medication elsewhere having received our advice.